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This dictionary ‘Aimol to English’ (Aimual to English) is particularly published with the aim and objective for protection and preservation of the Aimol language from the current position of endangeredness and imparting a sense among the mother tongue speakers to promote and develop the language.

The Aimol Language is known as ‘Aimual Chong’ and it is undoubtedly one of the oldest and common dialects of ‘Riam Chong’ or ‘Riam Language’. The ‘Riam Chong’ is spoken by the ‘Riam’ or ‘Halam and Kom Rem’ ethnic group of the Northeast India. The ‘Riam Chong’ is a language belonging to the KukiChin language of the TibetoBurman family which particularly spoken in the Southeast Asia.

Kh. Okhup Aimol