(Let the Aimol genesis not be decayed)

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“Aimol Kuhngrui Mangmarase” tia Thiambûk (book) khat hi publish thorangihongai don tor Pu. L Reameishan Aimol, Retd. Teacher, ADC, Chandel ama takchunganingsat na karil suak. Pathian ning angai donna, achuanvarna chunga ravansat pekrase.Kantheina kantheina han Aimol avarha dorei.."

Sh. Khupboi Aimol, MCS
(Dy. Registrar, Manipur Lokayukta)

"Taking this opportunity, I would like to say that this book is very important to the people of Aimol Tribe as well as those others people who could read the book for futuregeneration. In this book, it is clearly mentioned the very important History of our forefather,grandfather and our father, then we know that how it comes the genuine/probableclans name from this book."

L. Darsinso Aimol
Retd. MCS & Ex-Joint Secretary
To the Govt. of Manipur.

Hiva Aimol Kuhngrui mangmarase” tia Leivon Reameishan Aimol Govt. Rtd. Teacher amaaning e-jiak hi kangaai donna ah innsung achuan akandeng rakip amaak ahAimol kuhngrui ehongtowk hin arapaatak amachunga manpaak nale ningsatpuina kanei.Hiva e-jiak Thiambûk hi keini Aimol ranga nuk ah neimankaai ehong omrangke.Aimol kan kastom kalcharel tiang hinom manrit-ah choiloam mansuakthei ani tia ngaaidonna anamannei. Aimol kan kuhng rochi, adik kuhng rochi hongchoi torha nirase! Chubei.

Chaithu Rangeilow Aimol
Range Forest Officer (Rtd. RFO)
Govt. of Manipur.