UPSC Civil

Services Exam


Hearty congratulation to Christopher on his success

– cleared 10 standard from Mannu English School Imphal
– 10+2 from C.C Higher Sec. School Imphal
– major in BSc, Physic, 7th Rankpassed  from St. Edmund College Shillong

From Aimol khullen Village Tengnoupal District Manipur.

Ambicious person, strong personality & prepared mentallity to beat the threshold of family hardships despite of all odds. The first person among our community who cleared UPSC, CSE in flying color.

– as reported by Boilen

Appreciation letters!


(Let the Aimol genesis not be decayed)
By L.
Reameishan Aimol, Retired teacher ADC-Chandel


By L. Reameishan Aimol, Retired teacher ADC-Chandel

in Aimol

Biak-Inna Pathian Chubei Kanbuk K?rra,
Chuanlam Rakip Lamkaipu Ning Ijamo
Adik ah Chong Ajehkrang, Hale Ijamo
Lamkaina Aneirang Tiha Jettheiranga
Lekhabu ha ani.

– L. Heli Aimol,
Pastor, Aimol Worship Service, Delhi.

Nai-ngai Pathian manjet na

– Asan Serto | Ark Family Ministries

Nule Pa Pathian jet hanko Pathian nai kani tirakip ning Christa tenna ranak kanneijak niluia kannaingai sannarang chingna Christa jiang kannei ani.


Nai yok hi aching ngaining kut a Sabon chop kanlek le akang ang anti. Adikkhan namet le aterpot hale yamma asirra na o le achuldoi ani. Hajarhan asat a nalek maknukko neimanjotlui ani. Nulepa daito lian takko kannai ngai Pathian manjetrang hi kanchoun ani. Arappa tak ankhat om aluttakko Nai-ngai rang Pathian jiang lamperat niluia adang kantor ommak. Lamna hi kanrat rang,kanbangluirang ani. Judges 13:8-9 hinding Monoah antipaning anai alachanglui/ alaneilui Samson ranga lamna anei. Inneithar ngain anlaneilui nai-rang adikhan lamrang hi asouk. Lamentations 2:19 han jaanna thui in nanai-ngairang kheknang lamro ati.

Mi khat ning hingahin ati ?naingai ringkhohi khup wa aom?. Tinako kankhup-kan-billing a Pathian jiang kanlam rang hi kannai ngairang aluttak ani.

Hanko ho ang lamna mo kannai ngairang kanlamrang? Mi atamlam ning kannai-ngai Damtheinarang, pong khodengthei anneimak narang, lairik antheinarang, Chongjui anchang narang, mile ankansoulmak narang, hanko adang adang kanlampe ani. Tak anoi a lampenarang chonglam alek hi ngaidonderei /enderei. Aluttak a Nulepa keini ning kannai ngairang kan-i-lam rang ani.

1: kannai ning Puma Jesu Christa hi anasanringpu ke tia ajet le kanroia aringkho akanpek narang lamperei. 1st John 5:11-12.
2: kannai ning Christa nukjui achangle kanroia athona rakip a Christa chitjak nei mi achang narang kanlamperang ani. colossian 1: 9-10.
3: kannai ning nulepa chitjak hale chongjui achangnarang kanlamperang ani. proverbs 1:8.
4: kannai ning Sapsat(pathian jet)amu narang hale Pathian lungdowa saplejaar ngaile kantop na aneitornarang lamperang ani. 2 corinthians 6:14-15.
5: kannai ning adik lamjak ajui narang lamperei. Hale leisei hi amatiir/ ada narang ajarko leisei ?Pa? ko Seitan ani. john 8:44
6: kannai ning ankhat ko nulepa chang keinining kutchoi Pathian ning ipek ha jet le kanroia Pathian rengram liannaranga neimanthei achang narang lamperang. Ephesian 4:7
7: kannai ning athianga aring narang , omchan salui, chak salui, tho salui rakip wa athianga aomtor narang kanlamperang ani. proverbs 20:11
8: kannai ning Pathian lungdo tok a inlelui pal tiang anitornarang lamrang ani.psalm 127:1
9: kannai inlelui apal karra athianga aomma kansen omluia ahip adai tak a anpal narang lamperang ani. Malachi 2:16 han ati ? kein kansen kamatiir?.
10: kannai ning chung soukna angaidonna athona irakip a chungsouk tornarang lamperei. proverbs 1:5
11: kannai taksha damtak a aomnarang lamperei. Isaiah 53:5
12: kannai asalui ankhat om thina mangna tenna Pathian ning asannarang lamperei. paslm 91:11-12
13: kannai jiang asalui insung ning kanluisiak ngai achunga achulmak narang lamperei. Insung natna, mi-ngaidam torlui, mankanlianna, Doi le ai, insung nunchan salui rakip Christa thisen han arasuk pet a hiwa ngai rakip Nai jiang alut mak narang kanlamrang ani. 2 corinthians 5:17, Gal 5:1

(to be continued)


Author: Kh. Okhup Aimol

fROM the author

This dictionary ?Aimol to English? (Aimual to English) is particularly published with the aim and objective for protection and preservation of the Aimol language from the current position of endangeredness and imparting a sense among the mother tongue speakers to promote and develop the language.

The Aimol Language is known as ?Aimual Chong? and it is undoubtedly one of the oldest and common dialects of ?Riam Chong? or ?Riam Language?. The ?Riam Chong? is spoken by the ?Riam? or ?Halam and Kom Rem? ethnic group of the Northeast India. The ?Riam Chong? is a language belonging to the KukiChin language of the TibetoBurman family which particularly spoken in the Southeast Asia.

The Aimol Language was mentioned extinct in the report of United Nations Education, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in the year 2010. Later, it was categorized among the list of critically endangered languages. The information was considered quite absurd. However, the language which was listed as an endangered language of Manipur, India is generally affirmative.

The transcription of this lexicon is based on the current norms of standard of the ?Aimol Literature Society?, that is the spellings and vocabularies are mostly followed as per Resolution nos. 14/31102014 at Aimol Khullen, the Head Office.

For being the first edition, the users of this dictionary may face various difficulties in reading and writing, particularly of spelling and other updating old words. Furthermore, any suggestions and comments are warmly welcome for the next edition.

I immensely express my heartfelt gratefulness to the intellectuals who thoughtfully contributed their financial supports for the printing of the dictionary. The mentionable monetary supporters are jotted down as follows:

1) Kh. Areng Retd. SP. MPTO. Rs. 20,000/
2) Sh. Anuaite Asst. Manager UCO Bank Rs. 3000/
3) Major Ch. Suaneilal Aimol 9 Kumaon Regiment Rs. 3000/
4) Mr. & Mrs. Ln. Adum RIPANS Aizawl Rs. 3000/

I extend my sincere thanks to all the persons who inspired and helped me, and thus enabling me to produce this dictionary.

Kh. Okhup Aimol
Chairman, Aimol (Aimual) Literature Society


This is the ever first advanced bilingual dictionary of Aimol ?Aimol to English?. It is published with aiming to uplift and promote the Aimol language. This ?Dictionary? is worth to say that it will be guidance towards uniformity and regularity in writing and speaking of the Aimol language. It will also be a comprehensible and helpful reference book to the Aimol community especially for the young generations to learn the already extinct and endangered vocabularies of the language. Moreover, it will be a helpful book for the Aimol speakers to know the equivalence of Aimual and English words.

I immensely appreciate Mr. Kh. Okhup, Chairman of the Aimol Literature Society, for his unceasing dedication and voluntary effort in the very thought of compilation and publication this valuable dictionary on behalf of the society and the entire speakers of the Aimol mother tongue.

I am extending my sincere thanks to the users of this dictionary which published as per the standard norms of the Aimol Literature Society.

Kh. Lungdin
Secretary, Aimol (Aimual) Literature Society


Hiwa Thiambute (Booklet) hi aming ‘JETSUAMREI’ tia kaphua kiwarisuak hi keijak kajetjui tia kiwarisuak changma. A-omluiko omlaimak, hanna kanchonga a-om pumma mi chong kant?nghi, anuk athang-nga naipang rualla wamangtheng nati tij?rra kejet salep kiwa risuak ani. Adikmakna, akansuksial lei omthei ani. Ajet ngain nawajeek t?nperu chubei.

– S. Sangkai Aimol

MahOkna Chongbong

Hiwa thiambute aming ‘Jetsuamrei’ tia Pu S. Sangkai Aimol ning lungrilthok ngaidon neijarra ranakle aphat manmang hi ite kannarlui-a, alui-omsa Aimol chonglui chongkuang atok-a; jaatdang phunglian mitamngai chong jamnaning nikhat-nikhat ihongpholom hi jet-a Aimol kanchonghi tunna Aimol miriamngai ankhat-om tu-le-te ngai lungmit longpenarang Angui Chungnga Awom a-ija ikeisuahi chongnga ri-a risuak manchimtorluirangduk manpaakna alian.
Weikhatret, ama sinthona chungnga abomde Mr. Aboi Lunglai le Mr. Isaac Lunglai, u-changai chung-om lungril thiangnga pa Pathian mingnga manpakna ani. Anmit warnale ankut theina ranak han, i-thangsuakna irakip anthope jarra Pathian anphut loman an-insungning tumrase-u.
Chuansat thohin sol-kanmamarei? Gal. 6:9

SL Warte Aimol
Headmaster P/School,
Cum Former Chairman, ALSOM


Aimol gospel album aphutna ani! Kantha anuamma kanthoke? kanthei mak chuchunga. Hivahin lah anni ko (Simleichung le Asangtak-a Jisu) Manipur TV Doordarshan han kanleitho. Pu Khosir Siakneireng ning peisa Ruphai Rs. 600 anadompea kanleitho ani. Kum 2000 hanko ruphai 600 hi aleitam ut ani. Atun tenna manpaakna kannei pangaak Siakneireng.

Puma Jisu - Kh. Ringkhua (aliangpu: Ch. Lalpu, Kumbirei)

* Recorded at Amang Leivon?s residence at Mantripukhri, Imphal in 2000. Isaac Leivon and Amang Leivon did all the music and records. We are still thankful for their generosity.
Ch. Jonah named the Album.


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